glue-solar documentation

glue-solar is a project to provide solar physics specific functionality to glue, to facilitate multi-instrument interactive visualization.

Installing and running


For the requirements of glue, please refer to their official documentation on installing and running glue.

Installing glue-solar

In order to use glue with the glue-solar plugin, you will need to have both packages installed on your computer. For the time being before an official release, the only way to install glue-solar is to download with GitHub, where the repository for the package is hosted.

This assumes that you already have pip and a Python virtual environment created and active.

To download the entire glue-solar repository locally, first make sure you have Git installed locally, then to clone over HTTPS:

$ git clone

After that, change directory (cd) to glue-solar:

$ cd glue-solar

Finally, do the following while at the root (highest level) of the glue-solar directory:

$ pip install -e ".[all]"

Started up Glue

Once both glue and glue-solar have been properly installed, to start the application via the command line:

$ glue

This will launch the glue graphical user interface (GUI) from your terminal.

On Windows operating systems, installation creates an executable glue.exe file within the Python script directory (e.g., C:\Python310\Scripts). Windows users can create a desktop shortcut for this file upon installation

User Interface Guide

For a walk through of the user interface of glue, please refer to the getting started section of the glue documentation.